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Do you believe it is OK for grandparents to "spoil" their grandkids?

I hear it all over me and can't help to question it. "Grandparents are supposed to spoil the grandkids". I question this because i never grew up with this kind of relationship with my grandparents. I'm just trying to figure out if this is just a local thing that is passing around me or is it world wide thing going on here about it's the grandparents job to spoil their grandkids. Do we believe it is logical or right for all grandparents to spoil their grandchildren as much as possible? Are there any disadvantages? I'm under the impression that there is noting wrong with this today, is this right?


Closing Statement from Whisky Delta

Thank all for your thoughts, input, and understanding with pleasure.

I'd like to highlight two comments From Edward Long and Barry Palmer that sum up this conversation:

I think it is important for grandchildren to see and hear the discussions/arguments that their grandparents have with their parents, especially about issues that directly affect them. It is important for children to learn that people with authority disagree with each other, and that we can settle disagreements without having hard feelings later. They should also learn that some rules are more important than others, and that bending a rule is not necessary the same as breaking it. It is very important for everyone in the family to have fun together.

Grandma and Grandpa cannot rightly undermine the authority of the parents by allowing what parents forbid. Nor can they encourage kids to violate parental policy. And, of course, health and safety issues must be obeyed. But anything other than that it's Katy bar the door. Anything goes. . . staying up past bedtime; an extra empty-calorie snack; departures from the normal routine; safe, fun stuff kids love to do. One set of parents is sufficient. Grandma and Grandpa play a different role than Mom and Dad. The chemistry changes when the kids are left at Grandma's and the parents hit the road. It's party time. No harm, no foul.

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    Oct 4 2013: A grandson may think that grandfather is "spoiling" his life, when his grandfather stops him to go for a 'Rave Party' !!! Whisky Delta, do u want me to answer this ???
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      Oct 5 2013: I believe you are referring to sheltering a child if this is done excessively. However, have you ever noticed how much time the child spends with with the gift until the pleasure of having it or want is gone? Do you think this means anything? Is it a true sign of appreciation as well?

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