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Educating students about how their neurobiology impacts the way they feel can improve lives.

At a time in their lives where changes in their bodies often seem completely beyond their own control, teaching them techniques to manage their feelings (and therefore their destiny!) will change their lives.From experience, kids are very interested in how their own bodies and minds work, although life can seem very puzzling or challenging to them. Teaching them to recognize patterns in their feelings or behaviors that might just NOT be related to their character, but instead their physiology, is empowering in a way that is captivating to students.


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    Oct 9 2013: Rebecca: Yours is a very good idea. Students should learn to manage their feelings and their power, their energy, in a profitable way. It'll be useful too if they could learn to improving their performance by mean of a better knowledge of the human brain's features.
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      Oct 10 2013: Sean, I played a game last year (online) called SuperBetter, by Jane McGonigal (also TEDster), and it was a concrete way of seeing my "points" (for all kinds of resilience) build by using my own resources. Your comment made me think of it. Maybe it might be a good tool to use with the kids?
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        Oct 11 2013: Hi, Rebecca:
        In my opinion, yes, it could be a very good tool to use with the kids. I'm convinced about the fact that everything one can build into oneself using -and giving the best use possible- our own resources, is one of the vey best learnings we can give or receive.
        I specially wish to congratulate you for your job. I don't know very much about teaching, but I sincerely and seriously think that teaching is one of the noblest and beautiful professions in the world. And I'm also convinced that if we do our best, if we try so hard as possible to improve the way we educate kids, our community, our country our world, will be a little more better ones.
        Congratulations, then, and let me tell you never stop get fully involved in the beautiful work you perform.

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