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Educating students about how their neurobiology impacts the way they feel can improve lives.

At a time in their lives where changes in their bodies often seem completely beyond their own control, teaching them techniques to manage their feelings (and therefore their destiny!) will change their lives.From experience, kids are very interested in how their own bodies and minds work, although life can seem very puzzling or challenging to them. Teaching them to recognize patterns in their feelings or behaviors that might just NOT be related to their character, but instead their physiology, is empowering in a way that is captivating to students.


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    Oct 4 2013: Wow ! thats a brilliant idea :) I do favor Rebecca.

    This is the good way to teach them the reality of our real world. I mean to say, at least we can teach them in this way, and let them free to experience, to feel and to think about the things and their own sensors.

    I found this in support -

    1. Five Ways Neuroscience Will Change Education

    2. Neuroscience For Kids
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      Oct 4 2013: I work at a Montessori school and my children also are in a Montessori school, which has curricula based research on the developmental chronology of the human brain. I really love these resources and I think it's important to point out that MOST (if not all) educators incorporate teaching practices that take into account the development of the child or student.

      I think what I'm trying to say is that teaching kids how their OWN brain affects the way they interact with the world can change them for the better, based on the reaction I've received from students to Amy Cuddy's talk about body language. For example, teaching them about the science behind why it's important to raise your testosterone levels and reduce cortisol levels before a test, AND teaching them how to do it.

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