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Educating students about how their neurobiology impacts the way they feel can improve lives.

At a time in their lives where changes in their bodies often seem completely beyond their own control, teaching them techniques to manage their feelings (and therefore their destiny!) will change their lives.From experience, kids are very interested in how their own bodies and minds work, although life can seem very puzzling or challenging to them. Teaching them to recognize patterns in their feelings or behaviors that might just NOT be related to their character, but instead their physiology, is empowering in a way that is captivating to students.


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    Oct 4 2013: I work in Newtown, CT, and I have been teaching science for 15 years. The first neurobiology course I ever took was as a senior in high school (I was 17), and it definitely changed the way I thought...about thinking, sleeping...almost everything. I teach students who are 10-14 now, and I know it's not part of the "common core"--which is a national initiative at standardizing education. Where are you from? I am intrigued by hearing you say it is common where you are.

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