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What does aging well look and feel like? Do have elders in your life, work place and community who defy stereotypes and limitations?

October 1st is the United Nations International Day of Older Persons, which celebrates achievements and contributions of older people make in our society as well as the economy. Those who age well often live well. The world is becoming healthier in some places with a 1 in 3 possibility of living until your 100 years old. It not just genes, but place matters for health. So let's talk aging well for the future.


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  • Oct 30 2013: Is the following an answer to your question? After a lifetime of Bible centered churchgoing on autopilot, it became clear I needed to do a religious reality check. Now after a dozen years of science and religious study, my findings thus far at my 79th year are (1) it is evident we humans have evolved hardwired as individuals who care for each other. (2)...for our species to endure and individuals to reach a level of personal contentment the prime directive (consilience?) is to treat others the way one would like to be treated...no matter what and all the time. (3)...this can be cultivated through inclusive social groupings using music, sport, dance, art, literature, oratory/debate, and good works as exist metaphorically in certain religious traditions. Nevertheless, I still advocate and "do" church (whatever is in one's heritage or study conclusion)...a place supporting introspection and spontaneous good works, such is as necessary as are civic and education institutions for orderly growth. We will always have the 5% crazies(individuals and organizations) at both ends of any distribution. For me, the living definitions have changed dramatically as are those of religious groups...change is afoot. Doing a reality check at 79 just for me without regard to others, was tough...but envigorating. Liberating is the best word I can find to express my feeling as I head to my last few years of life. J part of JnR/

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