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What does aging well look and feel like? Do have elders in your life, work place and community who defy stereotypes and limitations?

October 1st is the United Nations International Day of Older Persons, which celebrates achievements and contributions of older people make in our society as well as the economy. Those who age well often live well. The world is becoming healthier in some places with a 1 in 3 possibility of living until your 100 years old. It not just genes, but place matters for health. So let's talk aging well for the future.


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  • Oct 20 2013: Aging looks and feels like anything else.

    Death is not in the future.
    It can only happen in the here and now.
    Is one present or not, for that is the only "time" that actually exists
    and the only "time" in which one may be present.
    Now the present is....isn't.
    Even time cannot move or go into the future.
    We measure time by the sequence of events we experience and are arranged
    by our memory.
    Each increment of time ends immediately and spontaneously the moment it occurs,
    in a timeless now.
    So to be as present as possible is the best I can achieve because,
    as I said, "now the present is.....isn't."
    The only question is whether one is present or not for each moment.

    Cells must die, or learn how to die in order for new ones to exist.
    So death is really a new beginning of consciousness, a new awareness.
    This isn't all there is, but I don't mean that in any religious sense or even
    a spiritual one.
    Both my parents lived fairly long but even though I don't believe in god,
    if there is one, I do believe then that the reason my father lived so long was
    that neither place (we can go to after we die according to that belief),
    wanted him and argued about it for a good amount of years before he finally went
    A couple of years after he died, I saw him. He was a dog, and a family dog at that.

    So actually, it looked like he had it pretty good, so I'm happy for him from that standpoint.
    He got a nice family, took him to the beach but he spotted me and let me know.

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