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'It is no sign of health to be well adjusted to a sick society' How can we make a healthy society?

There seems to be an ever increasing number of people who are depressed, or have another form of mental 'deficientcy': ADHD bipolar... What is causing this increase and how can we remedy it?
It is my belief that we need to focus our lives around what it means to be human: movement, community and meaningful creative work. Do you agree? What would this new way of life look like to you?


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    Oct 3 2013: Hi Tao,
    I believe we contribute to a healthy society by starting with our "self". It makes no sense to ask people to do something that we are not doing ourselves, so I think/feel it has to start here. If we are living healthy, we can share our ideas, and serve as role models.

    I think/feel some very basic reasons include a toxic world....our air, water and soil (food sources) are being compromised. I also believe that our society (USA) is WAY over medicated. Too many people have become dependent on drugs (prescription or not), which often adversely affects the body/mind. We need to be AWARE.....and as you say...focus our lives.

    Living healthy is not a "new way of life" for me. I learned as a child to be aware of our environment, so I've been recycling, restoring, renovating, reusing for 60+ years. I have also grown much of my own food for 60+ years, and I don't like putting anything in the body which is not healthy........that being said.......ice cream and cookies are sometimes healthy choices:>) LOL!
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      Oct 6 2013: Colleen I feel you have a keen sense of observation and a nimble understanding of the workings of the word, aka World. What does your ideal society look like? I use the word 'look' as I want to know what it would look like, what it would be, as opposed to the vagueness of 'less corruption and greed, more equality'.
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        Oct 6 2013: Thank you Tao! I try to be "nimble" as much as possible:>)

        My perception of an ideal society looks like what I experience in the life adventure. I don't like to focus on corruption, greed and inequality either, because I believe focusing on it, gives it energy to exist. We need to REPLACE it with something different. I prefer to see us moving TOWARD something, rather than looking back and complaining.

        Although it is beneficial to be aware of all aspects of the life experience, I prefer to focus on the steps we are taking TOWARD creating a better world. A lot of people still believe that peace, harmony and contentment in our world is not possible. I believe it IS possible with enough people moving TOWARD that goal. It is very possible and TED is facilitating the communications which may help people discover our interconnectedness.

        In my humble perception, we could all address the challenging issues by taking steps in our little tiny part of the world, TOWARD good health, peace and harmony..... personally....which then adds to the global/universal energy. We can encourage the practices of respect and appreciation for each other and be aware of our interconnectedness.

        If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.
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          Tao P 50+

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          Oct 7 2013: I agree that peace harmony and contentment is possible. Can you reword your statement in concrete terms? Think of yourself as a city planner, rather than a philosopher. I feel strongly that we need to have images of the ideal to get there. We have images of this chaotic World, and we are constantly reminded through television and the news that the World is on fire.

          Perhaps to imagine a new society is too large a task at the moment. What would your neighborhood look like, or a day in your life? Focus on one aspect if that helps.

          For myself: I believe that to improve our society we need more open social places in our cities. In Latin America they seem to use their 'green space' for plazas with benches as opposed to the soccer fields and baseball diamonds that I see so often in North America. I think these plazas are great as they encourage mingling, offer many park benches for socializing and often have some tables with chess boards on top, to encourage people to play. This is one concrete example of something that could be implemented into most every city for the benefit of the citizens with minimal cost involved.
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        Oct 13 2013: Tao,
        I have been involved in state, regional and local planning and permitting processes for about 15 years, so I don't have to think about how it might be:>)

        Your topic and introduction addresses healthy, well adjusted and/or depression/mental deficiencies, what it means to be human, etc.. I do not perceive myself as philosophizing, but rather, simply staying on topic as you present it:>)

        OK...a day in the life of Colleen...as you request...
        I may work/play in the gardens, which is good exercise and provides most of my food.

        People may stop in to visit me or the gardens, and there is an opportunity to help educate about the benefit of gardens to the environment, as well as the benefit of eating fresh, home grown food:>)

        On a sunny day, like today, I may wash and hang laundry out on the line to dry, using the solar "power", rather than running a cloths dryer.....this saves energy AND the smell of sun/wind dried laundry is DELIGHTFUL!!!

        I may, if needed, walk to the post office, local grocery store, hardware store, library, etc., which is GREAT exercise, saves the vehicle and fuel, and provides an opportunity to meet and interact with lots of people in the community:>)
        (These are some of the reasons that our state, regional and local plans encourage densely populated villages/towns/cities....people can get around by walking, or biking)

        I agree with you that open, green spaces, and seating areas are desirable, and that also is encouraged with our state, regional and local plans. Sports events are also good, because it is exercise for the players, and a place where families gather.

        I also agree that these features can be relatively inexpensive to implement into most town/cities, which is what we encourage on the regional planning commission and project review committee which I serve on. Being a member of the regional transportation advisory committee also provides an opportunity to work with others in coordinating traffic, including bike/ped paths and lanes:>)
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          Oct 13 2013: Colleen: That really sounds like a very nice plain for a day in a person's life. Congratulations!
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        Oct 13 2013: It is an enjoyable day Sean...every single day....in my humble perception and experience:>)

        As I said in a previous comment, it is up to us as individuals to make choices which may lead to a more healthy existence....both as an individual and as a society.

        I LOVE the balance of hard labor (gardening, hauling wood for heat in the winter, maintaining my home, etc.), sport activities with friends, quiet time for pondering/contemplating, social activity and visits with friends, volunteer work, etc. etc. etc.

        I can serve on planning boards, and support healthy communities with appropriate, environmentally friendly development, and ultimately, it is people, as individuals, who make decisions regarding their own health and the way they choose to support their own health......or not.
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          Oct 14 2013: Amazing energy, nice balance, clever use of time... Congratulations!!

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