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'It is no sign of health to be well adjusted to a sick society' How can we make a healthy society?

There seems to be an ever increasing number of people who are depressed, or have another form of mental 'deficientcy': ADHD bipolar... What is causing this increase and how can we remedy it?
It is my belief that we need to focus our lives around what it means to be human: movement, community and meaningful creative work. Do you agree? What would this new way of life look like to you?


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  • Oct 10 2013: i think Psychiatrists have loose standards in how they diagnose and treat people. if people are increasingly becoming depressed it has to do with the culture of narcissism emerging on this planet. See we are a global society that is loosing its spirituality, gaining wealth and ego, and loosing or humanity living in big cities and developed countries with space age technology. all this with the spoiledness of modern arrangements and an over emphases on "self-Esteem" and superficiality creates an environment which is like a psycho-spiritual labyrinth trapping large numbers of people and keeping them forever lost in the existential plight of finding substance in an often disoriented world
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      Oct 10 2013: I agree with much of what you have said, so what does a better way look like?

      For me I believe too many have lost touch with what it means to be human. Walking is essential for our health and vitality, it is what separates us from the apes after all. Too many rely on cars and we don't perform this essential function. Exercise is the greatest cure of depression with a side effect of looking good.
      • Oct 10 2013: We need to rediscover the values we lost. Theres a place in our psychological lives for spirituality
        and we need to find that. Religion in its old crude arrangement has been largely and rightfully discarded but we need to reinvigorate that element of our being by which scripture and religion once motivated. we have replaced traditional systems with a sort of ego-driven vanity along with an apathy which exists in part due to an over-emphasis modern thought has on the Absolutes. Every person should be their own mystic seeking a deeper understanding within the confines of their personal experience. we must also dedicated our energy and our intentions to a cause greater and longer lasting then ourselves. Many people are lost because they search for the wrong things in the wrong places. Pleasure and ego are not the end alls of our existence.. we need a new social landscape that encourage the mystic, the scientist, and the entrapeneaur in us all

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