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'It is no sign of health to be well adjusted to a sick society' How can we make a healthy society?

There seems to be an ever increasing number of people who are depressed, or have another form of mental 'deficientcy': ADHD bipolar... What is causing this increase and how can we remedy it?
It is my belief that we need to focus our lives around what it means to be human: movement, community and meaningful creative work. Do you agree? What would this new way of life look like to you?


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    Oct 7 2013: We realize that life is harsh and full of troubles and problems as we grow older. The advancement of technology, science change the way we live. Those advancements have come at the expense of our lives even though they have many advantages. Many working people have concerns about the future and many live under stress. We can't feel secure without having money because we can't live a good life without it and make our dreams come true. Life is very rapid and makes all of us hasty.
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      Oct 7 2013: This is but an introductory paragraph stating the problems. Where is the heart? Where is the attempted answer to 'how we can make a better World? What would that World look like?'

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