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'It is no sign of health to be well adjusted to a sick society' How can we make a healthy society?

There seems to be an ever increasing number of people who are depressed, or have another form of mental 'deficientcy': ADHD bipolar... What is causing this increase and how can we remedy it?
It is my belief that we need to focus our lives around what it means to be human: movement, community and meaningful creative work. Do you agree? What would this new way of life look like to you?


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    Oct 5 2013: In My opinion- Society's Health depends on the 'Healthy Mind' of Society Members. Now the question raises, What kind of mind can be define as a healthy mind ? Its very simple to define that one too. A mind which contributes to the society with its healthy thoughts. Since, we already know the things those are not healthy for our society, we can easily figure out what are those healthy thoughts, can't we ?

    Remedy is simple Tao P. Veteran doctors (Healthy minds) must be together to cure the sickness of society. :)
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      Oct 6 2013: I like the theme of your response. What would it look like in more concrete terms? What does a veteran doctor do with his 'healthy mind'?
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        Oct 6 2013: Thank You Tao P. :)

        I called the 'Doctor' to that person who already has positive thoughts and foresight for the society. A group of well wisher of the society may join together to convince the ill minded person or community.

        To understand this, think of a family (Society) members where Father's job is the only source of income and they hardly managing the monthly expenses. But young boy (ill minded son) do not care about anything and spend too much of money for his entertainment. Now, this boy needs to be cure, right? Father and Mother (Healthy Mind) can make him understand the situation and can convince him to earn his pocket money or reduce expenses.

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