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'It is no sign of health to be well adjusted to a sick society' How can we make a healthy society?

There seems to be an ever increasing number of people who are depressed, or have another form of mental 'deficientcy': ADHD bipolar... What is causing this increase and how can we remedy it?
It is my belief that we need to focus our lives around what it means to be human: movement, community and meaningful creative work. Do you agree? What would this new way of life look like to you?


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    Oct 2 2013: Tao,
    you can point to very small encouraging trends, but no big ones.... planting flowers won't stop the legacies of all the poisons.

    If we were to 'turn' the corner of past ignorance it would have to be grounded in the wisdom, "there is enough for every man's need, but not for every man's GREED" Gandhi

    I see no evidence of that, do you?
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      Oct 2 2013: Hi Craig, please use the 'reply' button located on the top right of the posts you are responding to. It helps continue the conversation.

      My point of planting flowers was a metaphor. I see many examples of positive things happening in the World. There are many that are presented on TED. The fact that many countries are banning Monsanto and there chemicals is positive. The influx of urban gardens (while having a small impact as far as food goes) have a large impact on a families ecological and psychological health. Car-sharing is spreading, biking for transport is increasing. Check out David Suzuki's 'good news for a change' for some inspiration.

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