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what is the most inspirational quote and or video you have seen that inspires hope and or the will to fight?

I suffer from depression. Kevin's video really hit home because it's the closest explanation for everything I have been experiencing and dealing with in the past three years. I'm currently in the severe state of apathy that he talks about but all these motivational videos and a lot of quotes I have seen recently are starting to help so my question is what is the most inspirational quote and or video you have seen that inspires hope and or the will to fight.

For example:
I heard a quote that has been stuck in my mind for a year now. And I think of it before I make any decision no matter how important,

"Never trade what you want the most, for what you want at the moment"

So any wisdom or motivational anything will help at this point.


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  • Oct 3 2013: "Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit"

    --Oscar Wilde (well, actually someone less famous, but Wilde is more recognizable, and therefore his quotes carry more weight, even if some aren't actually his).

    Honestly, a good laugh always did more to cheer me up than all that motivational speaking nonsense.
    • Oct 6 2013: Brentley has told us that he suffers from depression, but has started to find relief from reading and viewing inspirational materials.

      He is asking for our help so that he can find more relief.

      We are all entitled to our own opinion as to what we find helpful, but how is your post helpful to Brentley?
      • Oct 9 2013: I definitely appreciate this because I have a HUGE problem with letting stuff just go when it clearly bothers me immensely

        But in this case, I think I understand where it came from, the first time I read it though I took it the wrong way, I guess just because I'm used to people meaning the wrong way haha

        Glad I was not quick to answer and read it again though hahaha
    • Oct 9 2013: I appreciate you taking the time to read and throw in a suggestion, I am definitely always looking for a good laugh, the only problem is these days, things that I would usually love and think are funny and relate maybe, are just not anymore, it's really kinda sad. I think the reason I was specific with inspirational, it's hard to explain , but it usually in my experience it makes a deeper more profound thought process start, which sometimes makes me confront things I wouldn't otherwise that need to be confronted, OR make me feel good for the rest of that day, which is HUGE.

      I wish I could put it a better way, I feel like I've lost the ability to explain things all together! Haha
      If you do have any favorite funny sayings or whatever you might have that you wouldn't mind posting for me,
      Always worth a try, haha I'd almost consider paying you if you could make me laugh out loud (my real laugh not the fake one, that I have gotten way to good at by the way ha.
      Anyway thanks again

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