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What advice can you give to a student who has never attended a TED conference?

I am new to the world of TED! I will be attending the TEDxDETROIT conference on October 2nd and I was just wondering how I should prepare. I don't have a company or anything but I'm looking to meet connections that could possibly assist me in doing something that I love. I love graphic design and I am self taught mostly. I plan on going back to school to study more about it and I just want to know how I can get my foot in the door. I have a lot of ambition and I am so excited for TED! I have been going through TED Talks and it's just amazing how inspiring the stories are. I see that there is a broad range of topics and I just want to know how it all works. What should talking points be? And I'll be attending alone and won't know more than maybe 2 people there. I am very social and I don't mind talking to strangers at all but I guess it would be nice to get some advice from people who know what this is all about.

Thank you!

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    Oct 2 2013: Somebody asked that same question a while may find helpful hints by reading what others said to them:
  • Oct 2 2013: Have FUN. Talk to people. Make contacts. Learn what excites you and see if there is a way to do something in that area (i.e. make connections)
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    Oct 2 2013: You look sunny and energetic, just be your confident self, good luck to you~!
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    Oct 2 2013: For any young folk that has never attended a TED conference I'll say "keep doing the good you are doing; dream and dont just dream. Dream and then, do. TED is about ideas worth spreading; and any idea that aims to make life and living better, is worth sharing and doing."

    If there is an opportunity to attend a TED conference, dont miss it. They are inspiring and educative; but there are TEDx events that could be organised with a few TEDtalks orginised around a theme.

    It is a blessing if you are united with TED in the vision of spreading great ideas; yet, if you have the opportunity of connecting with a community of visionaries, dont let it go.
  • Oct 2 2013: How exciting!

    I have never been to a conference.

    Maybe take a sketch pad and draw some story board ideas from what you hear.

    I think with your fresh ideas, positive attitude, curiosity and willingness to try and and discover new things you are already bringing quite a bit.

    Maybe business cards?
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    Oct 2 2013: It might be useful for you to think of how you would describe in a few words the coolest things in which you have been involved. But more than that, think of questions you would like to ask others about what they do rather than what they might do for you..

    I think you will learn most by listening to others.