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New beginnings, are they a real opportunity for a happy ending?

After years of living in the same town, having the same friends and feeling frequently down, some people prepare their suitcases and start again in a new place, but all starts are difficult and sometimes they don't usually work as expected.
How should we start a new life? is it worth it or should we cope with our mistakes and stay in the place we were rise?


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    Oct 4 2013: The good example in the subject (change city) seems to be an exellent simbol of many life events. When you start a new project it is the same process. Moreover, everything starts to go wrong in compare with sweet simplicity of old ways. The more innovation you do, the more difficulties you have.
    This is the question if the problems is the normal part of the lifecycle, or it comes wrong way so indicates to do something back.

    Even if a person choose to give up is is the personal feature to get more positive experience from the project. I knew persons who gave up easily, actually did nothing to growth, scared by smallest normal problems. They moans so loudly as they lost billions. I think they wasn`t deserve to have any good result.
    Also I know persons who are brave souls to overcome obstacles with smile being with light, helping others with their experience.
    Who knows does a choice really worth to involve or not. But my life experience tell me that all things inside us desires to growth should be growth. Just need to check is problems normal or patological. It needs also a soul and mental work during and after a project to include it`s information as a benefits of own life attempts.

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