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How we can fight the corruption in developing nations?

In most of this nation, corruption have an economic and social dimension. What we can do for decrease the corruption. Mr. Mather have an interesting solution. What do you think?


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    Oct 28 2013: Unless everyone is ready to make sacrifices, corruption cannot be fought against. Corruption has to be curbed at individual and societal level first and only then it will make some difference at a national level. It's actually we, the people who are letting it grow. What we usually do is that we think at individual level. In order to get the things done for own self, we often forget what form it is going to take at larger level. Also, along with this if people, as a whole come together with essential courage, honesty and unity it surely can make a lot of difference. For this, it becomes very important to change the way people think at root level, much of which can be achieved by implementing a good education system. People's thoughts and actions are the only ways which surely can make a whole lot of a difference. It's not just about ruling party or corrupt officers only, it's about us, and we have all the power to fight against it and possibly eradicate it as a whole.

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