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How we can fight the corruption in developing nations?

In most of this nation, corruption have an economic and social dimension. What we can do for decrease the corruption. Mr. Mather have an interesting solution. What do you think?


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  • Oct 23 2013: I think we need to stop asking our government and big businesses to stop being corrupt... You can't expect the people who benefit from the system to change it, the only ones who follow laws and count money are not govt officials or big business owners, but the people.
    So we need to stop abiding by certain laws, we should stop using money, stop supporting big businesses and governments with our labor and consumption.
    We sit here and we think we need money, government, and companies, but no its the money, government and corporations that need us. Stop making yourself available. Become more self sufficient and build a system of interdependence among yourselves. It can be that simple. But we have to all agree to do it, even if in our own way

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