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How we can fight the corruption in developing nations?

In most of this nation, corruption have an economic and social dimension. What we can do for decrease the corruption. Mr. Mather have an interesting solution. What do you think?


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    Oct 5 2013: By being honest ourselves.
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      Oct 6 2013: That is certainly honorable and a very good advice to go for, but ...

      Just because you apply this wisdom to your morals may not be reason enough for me to do the same.

      So what could you do to stop or hinder me to corrupt other people in mine yet against your and other peoples favor?
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        Oct 6 2013: Thanks. I'll explain.
        Corruption is a human social aberration that exists from antiquity like prostitution. When we discuss seriously about what must be done to stop or hinder it we need to understand why it is such an old institution.
        In one part it is built in human psyche as a survival trait - I shall talk about it later. In the other part it goes on due to lack of public awareness, inefficient governance, lack of education, poverty, unjustified aspiration etc. It is practically meaningless to talk about stopping it in societies where there is no or low regard for basic honesty.
        In a personal level, I follow some simple rules like never jumping a queue, never forgetting a bus/rail ticket (even if it is unmanned), never abusing a system meant for people. I used to be shy about being honest. These days I show it off. I think it encourages others.
        But in the part where a human aberration is concerned, corruption can only be fought by seeking and ensuring complete transparency in every aspect of life.
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          Oct 7 2013: Thank you, Pabitra, I now understand your intention and agree with what you said.

          I like your encouragement on other people. Thats exemplary and much appreciated!

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