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How we can fight the corruption in developing nations?

In most of this nation, corruption have an economic and social dimension. What we can do for decrease the corruption. Mr. Mather have an interesting solution. What do you think?


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  • Oct 5 2013: Well I'm from africa "Guine-Bissau" and my English is not good but I hope that you'll understand me.

    Where is more corruption certainly is in most part of African counties. But the best way to eliminate the corruption is in education that begins in our homes. If every parents show their children politeness, respect and not hurt your next.
    I think many thing will change to better. And people should think that being in government and the more honest the guy is the better will be to him. He always will get a good reputation, good job, good salary and the people will support him but if the man is kind of corrupted everything going wrong with him.

    Sorry my English is not fluenty.

    Thank you.
    • Oct 5 2013: Hi,Mohamed Djalo.I don`t agree with you.just as i have said that good systems make evildoer dare not do evil,while bad systems force the good to do evil,which is now the situation here in my country China.I don`t believe people ,I believe system.
      • Oct 5 2013: Great, this is your point of view. Do you believe in your self? Are you different of all people in the world? Good system means good people in my point of view. Good system means good education, good live, respect and many other adjective.
        To get good system it's necessary good people to manage the system otherwise the system will not work too.

        Thank you.
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          Oct 7 2013: at first i did not understand, but your second comment makes sense...

          in south africa we have corrupt government and uneducated politicians in power.
          our governance is dictated by the U.K. - apartheid was an excuse to overthrow a good system.
          our revolution came about when britain lost political power and wealth in the country.
          today we have no education unless privatised.
          the ANC has closed all educational institutes for teachers and implemented the american system of rolling blacks out... you get passed over to the next grade...
          the black south african claims unfounded racism towards them. today we have less jobs and more unemployment and even more black racism.
          the indigenous KHOI/SAN are now victimised by black africans stealing land and perpetuating violence...
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          Oct 8 2013: Define 'good'.

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