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How we can fight the corruption in developing nations?

In most of this nation, corruption have an economic and social dimension. What we can do for decrease the corruption. Mr. Mather have an interesting solution. What do you think?


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  • Oct 5 2013: ...I'm still trying to figure out how to fight corruption in developed nations. :-(
    • Oct 5 2013: But we have to admit that the more the country(which is always a developed nation) is democratic, the less corruption it has ,isn`t it?
      • Oct 6 2013: Less overt perhaps. It's difficult to gauge the amount of corruption, the kind of corruption and the impact the acts have on the global community.

        For example: Libor scandal. In June 2012, multiple criminal settlements by Barclays Bank revealed significant fraud and collusion by member banks connected to the rate submissions, leading to the scandal. It involves trillions of dollars.

        What's the effect of a scandal of this magnitude?

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