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Teachers should get tough.

In the recent WSJ Saturday Essay Joanne Lipman broaches a controversial idea for improving public education. To prompt you to read her essay here are her talking points: 1) A little pain is good for you. 2) Drill baby, drill. 3)Failure is an option. 4) Strict is better than nice. 5) Creativity can be learned. 6) Grit trumps talent. 7) Praise makes you weak. 8) Stress makes you strong.


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    Oct 1 2013: Creativity can be learned? For me it comes when there's no thinking; when there's space - a gap between thoughts.

    Stress makes you strong? Stress is one of the biggest killers of the human race; it ages you quickly and lowers your immune system.

    Praise makes you weak? Yes, that's true for those who focus on it too much and no longer see their flaws.
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      Oct 1 2013: Regarding creativity the point in the essay is that students are often taught that creativity is something some people are born with and others just don't have. That, of course, is not true. Creativity, even the "between thoughts" type you mention, is the result of knowledge gained by hard work. Kids should be taught that creativity is a result of learning, NOT a "lucky skill" with which some folks are born and some are not. Excess, unmanaged stress is definitely a negative as you point out. The essay advocates putting healthy pressure on students to motivate them. Without such pressure many, if not most, kids would plod along doing the least they can. Praise (such as "You are so smart Timmy") needs to be replaced. The object of praise should be work habits and accomplishments, not personal attributes. Proper praise is applied in response to demonstrations of hard work and perseverance. Praising a kid when they have done nothing is a fraudulent effort to build their self-esteem. Do you agree with those explanations? Thanks for your observations, I can see you have worked diligently on formulating and posting them. Good job.
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      Oct 2 2013: I Agree you Simon and not bcoz Edward is wrong !

      Let me start it with an example. Suppose there are two persons having different nature, both starts some work together and after few years, they find, things getting worse. The system they made is not good and not solving the purpose.

      Now, the one person drops the idea and insists to stop further activities so that they can put their energy to develop new system. Why to face difficulties. Now we have found, this is not the right the good system as desired, we must stop this and go back for a fresh start with this new experience....

      But, second person apply patches to fix it, he is not in the favor of going back. He thinks difficulties makes us strong. Now its too late for us going back, we have made so effort to reach here. What if we face new difficulties in new work. At least these difficulties are known to us, we can solve this together as we were doing in past...

      Edward is an extrovert by nature. Edward is right in his aspect. He wants his coming generation more competitive. With the stress and no compliments, students will be more strong to compete each other. In his view one can not win a race if praised, coz by doing this the praised one may be over confident. According to Edward, being polite will make them weak. As we make Food nutrition chart for good health, same manner will be applied to give them managed stress and managed love.

      and you Simon, you are introvert. You can see what we humans have lost already. The values , the humanity, the love and emotions. You think coming generation will loose the ability of creativity, coz we are forcefully , stress fully teaching them to think creativity in a framework. You know the value of 'praise', a student may not complete his work when forced, but can if praised. you are not in the favor of making soldiers in the name of education. you prefer moral education. You think who are we to put them in stressful competition world! Let them choose and let us guide.

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