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What was the darkest depression in your life and what have you learned from it?( i admire your courage )

I know that from tragedy has come a lot of happiness.
I know that no trees can stretch its branches in the heaven before its roots in the hell.
I guess i am young and not experienced,of course i have been through difficulties and struggles,but they are just small ones.
I would love to see someone share his/her experience with me,i am always perpared to listen.
And remember,everyone has his own depression,you are not alone.
I appreciate your participation,one really needs courage to talk about this.

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  • Oct 10 2013: I know exactly what he means when he says real depression is when you are engulfed by that heaviness when things are going well in life. I feel so much pressure to be my extroverted, joyful side every single day at work & with my friends. Underneath it all is this darkness that won't go away and I have such a hard time letting down my walls and showing people the vulnerability. It makes me so angry and despairing. Especially because it doesn't seem to be socially acceptable to be an angry woman.
    However, I've learned to cope and am continually understanding ways to let it out in a healthy manner. But it doesn't always happen that way. Kevin Breel's talk was inspiring because it helped to hear someone who experiences life similarly.

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