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What was the darkest depression in your life and what have you learned from it?( i admire your courage )

I know that from tragedy has come a lot of happiness.
I know that no trees can stretch its branches in the heaven before its roots in the hell.
I guess i am young and not experienced,of course i have been through difficulties and struggles,but they are just small ones.
I would love to see someone share his/her experience with me,i am always perpared to listen.
And remember,everyone has his own depression,you are not alone.
I appreciate your participation,one really needs courage to talk about this.

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    Sep 30 2013: i spent a few years being anxious and depressed. it seemed to be just a part of me. pills from the Dr only made things worse.

    turned out, it was my job. i loathed my job and the minute i quit and did something else, my life got better.

    look for the triggers and then eliminate them.
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      Oct 1 2013: You mean you found something you really loved later on?
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        Oct 1 2013: it was listening to the album Dark Side Of The Moon that motivated me to quit my job.

        to begin with, I didn't know what the hell I was going to do - I spent a year back at school doing Media Studies, then I moved towns and picked up some retail jobs.

        The best thing I did was start a band which is still going strong 13 years later. Rock n Roll is the perfect job for many people in modern society - the sort of people that are driven, quite literally, insane by regular 9 to 5 jobs and life :)
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          Oct 2 2013: Researchers say that an average of American change jobs 4 times before they settle down.
          You are a New zealander.Apparently you also gone through the journey of finding the job you really loved.
          I am a Chinese,still a student.I don't know how many times i will change my job until i find my loved one,or not.The only thing i know is that there will definitely be a lot of pressure when it comes to my turn.
          You are lucky,Scott.Not everyone can view their job as a passion,a motivation.In fact,few people can.
          A quote by Steven Jobs came into my mind just now:"Find what you love.If you haven't find it,keep finding,don't settle."
          His persistence made him stands out,i guess.
          I am still wondering if i will stick to this,for so competitive a society i am in.
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        Oct 2 2013: i've had a bout 14 jobs. i do not believe happiness is found in doing a job. in fact, i found it hard to do any job that clashed in any way with how i see myself.

        it hasn't been luck at all - i refused to carry on with a perfectly good job because i knew it was doing me in so i dropped out. i quit. all the things society growls about.

        it's also taken 13 years of keeping it going - holding together a group of guys, playing mary hopkins numbers in wine bars and pushing through all the times when it feels like i made one hell of a bad choice.

        i am not rich and i am not famous but that stuff doesn't matter. i get to be me.

        it does not just happen but it will if you work at it.

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