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Is there too much Law to follow?

Have we created many Laws to follow that it is coming to a point of contradicting itself,Law against a law.Does it cause confusion for citizens to simply understand what's happening?


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  • Oct 3 2013: You maybe right in the creating of too much laws it is a problem navigating through the whole thing. However that being said, I thought of the question then: do we need more laws? or do we need less of it?

    Unfortunately i do believe we need more laws... but as we create more laws, and as the years progress, we also need to get rid of outdated or conflicting laws. However this is easier said than done. While it is easy to create laws, it is difficult to back track all previous laws that will come in conflict with a new law. Most of the time it doesn't happen, but when it does, it is very difficult (that is the job of the supreme court to decide which law should be in priority). It does cause confusion, however that is the reason for the existence of lawyers and judges. That is their purpose.. to help navigate conflicts with laws and to find solutions among laws. Its not perfect, but think of what would happen if there are no laws to begin with..it would be a disaster.

    Now, i was also thinking, how can we reduce the number of all these laws? ... i was just hypothesizing, that if all humans were truly perfect beings (honest, helpful, high EQ, content with life etc..).. we would need less laws, or even none at all.

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