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Climate: advancing in the war of the memes

In our new world of productive abstraction and "higher IQ" we have a task never before possible:
The numbers are in - our climate is on a path to present more change than humans can adapt to.

The technology and the need are all present to avoid this outcome.
The only impediment now is a war of memes - truth against fiction.
The battle for political will.

My idea is to arm ourselves with the memic weaponry being utilised by the untruthful against us (the truthful).

Please help me construct memic missiles to turn the tide.

Here is my first salvo:
There are no climate deniers any more - only time-wasters.

This missile is deployed against denialists by simply saying "oh - you are a time waster?" and refraining from using the word "denier"

It explodes by popping the dignity of denial hidden under a false veil of prudence. Then the capsule of "denialism" ceases to become a flag under which to rally.

Can you suggest some more potential memic munitions?
We will need as many as we can get.

"Make no mistake" this is a "war on ignorance"

And, as the numbers show, the stakes are high.

Let us make sure that this war does not produce its opposite like "the war on terror" and "the war on drugs".
Let us actually fight to win. Wouldn't that be a refreshing change!

Let the army of the honest prevail.

Unleash the memes of truth!

etc ... etc ... ad infinitum

(Time-wasters would be advised not to participate here - you will be used for target practice)

Topics: climate change

Closing Statement from Mitch SMith


2 years ago, I got in touch with my brother to warn him about the impending personal challenges that we will have to face as energy goes into the chaotic weather system that we all live in. AKA climate change.

My brother said I was an idiot - that his church assures him that this is a political piece of rubbish that we can safely ignore.

I was shocked. I am his brother, and he prefers his church.

I tried to let him know, that from my understanding of chaos math, that when this happens, you will not see trends - you will see a massive increase in the dynamics you face .. for instance, el-nino will start getting larger an start becoming more sudden.

Averages will look the same, but in-between, things will get more "bangy".

I was wrong - averages show clear temperature trends - but I was right - listen to the on-the-ground experiences. The winds are becoming more dynamically gusty .. the temperatures are plunging from one extreme to the next, rainfall bangs between drought and flood overnight.

This is climate change.

My brother agrees with me now - because his church recently told him so. So I took the opportunity to let him watch the methane question .. and put him on the list of people to leave behind - we cannot afford time wasters - there is not room left for love.

I am going off grid.

Climate change manifests through our institutions - they are betraying us like falling dominos.
Motherhood, healthcare, education, money, government, markets, technology - all of these no longer work.

They have all been blown flat - not by average forces .. but by explosive "gusts" of change.

Abandon adaptation - recover adaptability.

Turn - face, enjoy - do not look back - let the time wasters burn..

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    Oct 8 2013: Mitch,

    Makes sense... so what opiate markers might we identify for those who we want to influence?

    Something which is overtly 'green' might not resonate with someone who is overtly 'anti green.'

    On another note, I wonder if some argue against a green approach simply because they are angry about a situation that seems (to them) to be impossibly difficult. No way out, so seemingly safer to keep head in sand.


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      Oct 8 2013: Hi Steve,

      I think anything positive would do .. but I'd avoid sexual channels - might backfire.

      I don't think the anti-green or denialists generally are worth targeting .. as I read it, they have fallen well and truly into the minority. SO that leaves the majority .. and the task is to mobilise them .. a power-law distribution of response would probably suffice. To enlist the willing, while respecting their constraints, avoids any sense of being pushed - which will evoke a pushback . Gabor Mate outlines that very eloquently in his work.
      Just reviewed Naomi Oreskes' observations - the Marshal institute itself might provide some clues as it seems that most the denialist memic munitions originated there.
      While the Marshal institute has become adept at the mechanisms of fear and doubt, the opposite must rule in the reply: Certainty and excitement .. inclusion seems a fairly strong motivator as well.

      Another part of understanding the issue is to look into the underlying motivation of denialism .. there seems to be a strong component of neo-con "free-market" ideology .. it would be a difficult task to un-demonise social compassion in USA political perception .. but that might be achieved through appealing to "good old values and democracy" . This would address denialism at its source.
      If it could be shown clearly that the promise of wealth in the US system is no more than a deceptive lottery, then the neo-con promise of rags-to-riches would collapse.
      One also must be careful with tensions accumulating in the US right now .. things are perilously close to collapse without climate drivers .. There are some very ugly outcomes if things tip the wrong way.

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