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Should a country/government give all its information to the citizens/public? If no, what information should the country not release?

This question is inspired by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. I was wondering if you guys think there is some information about your country that the government can keep to itself. Or should you be granted access to all information regarding your country? This question is mainly about transparency and the government's right to have privacy from its citizens.

After some Googling, it seems this question is about open governments and how open they need to be for "effective public oversight" (thanks Wikipedia).


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  • Oct 4 2013: Again,
    yes, yes, yes.
    All countries, all information, without exception,
    should be released to the public;
    the very people government is supposed to work for!
    How humans make decisions is crucial rather than 'who'
    but the 'who' has to be the people and what is best for solving their problems.
    The average person in virtually all countries, does not want war and they have
    to be fooled, lied to or deceived into going to war, so the risk of war would not be a problem.
    Only leaders want war and people don't have to go.

    As Obama keeps telling American't citizens, oops, let me rephrase that,
    as the Manchurian Candidate (Obama), keeps telling the Manchurian Citizens (American'ts)
    they should have nothing to fear in losing all privacy if they have nothing to hide,
    WHY THEN, does or is the government, and all governments for that matter, creating more
    and tighter secrecy for themselves, what they are planning, what they are doing, what they
    have done and eliminating all transparency, ALL OF IT, for themselves?
    When are people going to wake up and take action instead of talking?
    Now, in 2013 internet freedom has been eroded even more and the joke in Washington
    from the ex head of the cia and nsa, is about his wish (in his darker moments but he is already and always is
    dark with evil) to have Edward Snowden put on a "kill list",
    the very person who has forced some transparency upon these evil people and their gangs.

    Frankly, those in power are still afraid of the populace because they still have the power SHOULD THEY
    FINALLY CHOOSE TO USE IT!, so it really means what is it they have to fear since they desire secrecy so
    The truth is, one doesn't even have to know what they are hiding. They are hiding and need to be gone.
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      Oct 4 2013: You are right Random Chance,
      All governments are terrified that the general public will one day get their act together and exercise their latent power. And what are governments terrified of that an organised public will do and demand?
      Well, the public will protest en masse (usually in good humour) and demand sensible polices (like tightly regulating the banking system), demand no more wars (what a tragic waste of resources on all sides), and demand a level of transparency that some politicians will find embarrassing.
      I wonder why that is really so terrible for so-called eminent distinguished educated monied leaders to handle? Pride, perhaps?
    • Oct 26 2013: Random, you are on the right side but you don't express much common sense. Your contention is that all politicians are and will be corrupt so get rid of them all. Then, who will take their place? No one qualifies, according to you. Your last statement "--one doesn't even have to know what they are hiding. They are hiding---" implies guilt by association or situation. Like a young man driving his parents nice car - 'he's a teenager so he has to be driving drunk in a stolen car'. Its extreme ideas and expression like yours that give sensible conservatives a bad name. Liberals point to your type, use YOUR logic, and tell everyone that all conservatives are like you, so we all go down in flames.

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