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Should a country/government give all its information to the citizens/public? If no, what information should the country not release?

This question is inspired by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. I was wondering if you guys think there is some information about your country that the government can keep to itself. Or should you be granted access to all information regarding your country? This question is mainly about transparency and the government's right to have privacy from its citizens.

After some Googling, it seems this question is about open governments and how open they need to be for "effective public oversight" (thanks Wikipedia).


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    Oct 6 2013: Even the most open govt. withholds info. on a work in progress. Open-ended approach may well attract meaningful ideas that help solve problems. But more often a scheme or project in the works, in an open environment, evokes negative inputs, the negativity of which can kill inventive spirit and motivation.

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