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Why continue the "WAR on DRUGS"

It seems that far more people is being harmed and dies exactly because there is a tabboo and war going on and not actually because the drugs themselves is that harmful. Those that are could be made clean, people could know what they are taking.

Sick people(addicts) is being stressed out and jailed when they really need someone to care for them. There is war and weapons is being sold, people are murdered in the streets. Peoples lifes are being taken away for shipping drugs, or in some countries just for possesion, sentenced to life imprisonment. Drugs like Krokodil , and Meth is being home cooked

Instead of trying to understand the demand for cocaine, heroine , marijuana, exstacy, mushrooms. Government are only trying to enforce law,

While actually research of the benifits of some illegal substances is being proven.

I think it is about time that some of the world leaders stand up to realize that The War on Drugs has failed big time and a new approach must be taken.

What is your opinion?


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  • Sep 30 2013: I would be curious to see what are the "benefits" of some illegal substances. Taken in moderate amount as "prescribed by the doctors" may have been beneficial in cases where people suffer extreme pain. Even the medicinal benefits of marijuana are nebulous at best; having no concrete evidence disproving it having any beneficial effects does not prove it sufficiently has. The problem with drugs hinges on abuse as well. Take for any in the circumstance of being abused, I don't see any benefits out from that end. My real problem is with the seeming eventual legalization of controlled substances, why the war on drugs but for now I am hopeful that we do not end up in that path.

    As I was writing my comment, I came across this article. All I can say is I am shocked by the utter greed.
    • Oct 3 2013: The illegal drug ibogaine is being used to threat heroine addicts, as well as alcoholism, tobacco and other addiction , in Canada, Netherlands, Mexico... and Portugal,
      It breaks down the craving of the addiction after 1-2 causes
      of intake. The legal medicine out there takes month to get over with ..
      MDMA is being used by war veterans and police officers to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome,

      Why exactly do you have a problem with "seeming eventual legalization of controlled substances"?

      Thanks for you input
      • Oct 4 2013: Anecdotes are often misleading and there are strict regulations with regard to approving a said substance if we are to say that such a substance has certain medicinal benefits; a drug needs to go through extensive clinical trials to be sure that there are no side effects and that they perform as said. The drug is not approved in Canada but it is not banned either. From where people are getting them and demand from a certain population, i.e. pot heads, might have fueled the decision to ban it.

        I have to say that I am guilty of popular belief; my comment regarding the "seeming eventual legalization of controlled substances" refer more to substances like marijuana, which people are driving to legalize it but just seem like a bad idea to a citizen like me.

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