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what is the difference between Patriotism and Terrorism ?

I guess depends on which side you are fighting for or against, you may be called a patriot or a terrorist. so as a global community, we need to address this as a fundamental question, and then and only then we can expect sustainable peace.


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  • Oct 5 2013: I agree with deepak. I think, we need to clear define the difference between Patriotism and Terrorism. If we can clear define and get universal agreement. It will be a big step to peace.

    we need define the different, create rules and make laws. The rule need be easily understand and easily agreeable. A person who is e.g terrorism or break law is either very stupid idiot, or a evil person and he know it himself. the law should universal and should apply to all parties, regardless of your power or influence. A law, rule, definition that does not allow the end to justify mean. more all action to take in account, not just the end. e.g. take freedom, people right, belief. etc.. The rule need apply it war and peace time. rule should be easy that we do not need media, smart people or government to analyses it. we do it our self and clearly define good versus bad. patriotism to terrorism. (I know it not easily)

    for example, one rule is not killing innocent people. to differentiate.

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