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what is the difference between Patriotism and Terrorism ?

I guess depends on which side you are fighting for or against, you may be called a patriot or a terrorist. so as a global community, we need to address this as a fundamental question, and then and only then we can expect sustainable peace.


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    Oct 4 2013: Very good question Deepak !

    Both are synonyms. Patriot and Terrorist is same person, having same fear of insecurities and want to save religion or country from other religion or country. This fear comes out passionately and same person becomes aggressive. Now they starts spreading terror to save ourselves (not as an individual but as a nation or religion). A snake may be considered as a terrorist, but truth is snake sting only when its afraid and feel insecure from other,, thus fight begins. Same thing happens to a terrorist or patriot.

    Instead of suppressing their fears, or neglecting them,, there should be an healthy talk between a community (patriot/nation) and other community ( terrorist/nation), may involve third community for a fair deal. So that they can find out the reason behind insecurities from each other, to overcome this and sustainable peace.

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