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The essence of stupidity

"It's because they're stupid, that's why. That is why everybody does everything" said once Homer Simpson to his father.

What is stupidity? What is its source? Is it a matter of a low IQ level or does it essence lie somewhere else?

Is a chicken stupid?
Can a professor be stupid?
What is the difference between stupid and crazy?
How long can a nonsense live?
Can tradition be stupid?

Please, share your thoughts about the real stupidity and it's source. What is stupid? Who is stupid?


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    Oct 4 2013: Stupidity isn`t one thing, one feeling. It splits into many different brunches, as I can see it. For example:
    1 - stupidity by ignorance, it`s like a child doesn`t realize the results of simple actions. Just 2 weeks ago I was in amazing Chinese park with lake. Jade waters of it was fuul of koi fishes, beatiful communicative creatures. I saw how chinese drops garbage in the lake and one yang mother outours soap liquid for soap-bubbles into the lake. And the same in several places.

    2 - stupidity because of poor experience. We all have such feeling. If it stops, it couses losses and the way to the first case. If we overcomes it, we can learn more and more.

    3 - profitable stupidity, I guess it`s an artificial thing. I saw how people use theif image of simple stupid confused person to have more help for free, also to cover their laziness and poor work results. All time someone else do their job without any thanks, but such people have profit from everything. I hate it. But many times I saw it happens. It`s a i=kind of parasitism covered by stupidity.

    4 - stupidity because situation becames complicated too much or too quickly. Brain can`t separate unrelevant datas from important so it is overwork without result.

    I can tell about not less then 15 kinds of stupidity. So what kind do you mean?..

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