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The essence of stupidity

"It's because they're stupid, that's why. That is why everybody does everything" said once Homer Simpson to his father.

What is stupidity? What is its source? Is it a matter of a low IQ level or does it essence lie somewhere else?

Is a chicken stupid?
Can a professor be stupid?
What is the difference between stupid and crazy?
How long can a nonsense live?
Can tradition be stupid?

Please, share your thoughts about the real stupidity and it's source. What is stupid? Who is stupid?


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  • Oct 1 2013: Stupidity is the act of failing despite of having everything to succeed. Someone how fails because of the lack of resources is not stupid. We usually don't call stupid someone just for making a bad decision, but we immediately exclaim "so stupid!" when we can predict the right course of action and see someone taking a different road that would obviously lead them to failure.

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