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Has school lost its function ?

Schools do not provide students with skills that are needed to engage with the society of the world. More and more schools fostering their unbalanced curriculum that is centered on academic performance, neglecting the leadership skills and societal progress that is beneficial to take part in active participation in social or economic activity. Schools looked down on vocational educations that can provide balance for their curriculum. To what extend fo you agree ?


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    Oct 2 2013: To answer your main question my answer is " NO" . Without certificate from school one can't even compete to get admitted in College . Without a certificate from school / college / university one can't even enter in market of job seekers.
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      Oct 16 2013: Thats a clear stand !
    • Oct 21 2013: There are many occupations that don't require graduation from a university or even a high school. The writer, artist, and artisan are among them, I think. Though "higher" education might help some people enter those types of careers, the necessary skills can certainly be learned independently, and for a much cheaper price.
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        Oct 22 2013: Agree those don't need certification ....and there are more e.g. many entrepreneur didn't have any certificate .....or to be person like Socretes no certificate is needed .....anyone looking for such "profession" for them traditional schooling system is not necessary.

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