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Do you have any idea and experience for teenagers to make friends in their life?

Ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls:).This semester I am going to have a theme teaching which is about:how to make friends.Infact I did a investigation about this term's teaching.I offered my students three topics to choose which one they like me to share with them in my teaching.90 percent chose'how to make friends '.

I am an Information Technology teacher,I feel pleased to teach my students how to use computer to design different works.Meanwhile I would like my technology teaching can be built upon a meaningful theme to lift my students in higher understanding of life.

I think my ideas and experience are so limited to guide my students.Here I needed you:all guys,come to share with me your ideas and experience which are about 'how to make friends.My students and I will appreciate all come from you.Thank you.

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    Oct 9 2013: Hi Edulover:>)
    How about "pen pals"......or the modern version.....computer pals. Connect the kids in your class with kids in a similar class in another part of the world? They could learn about different cultures and make friends while using their computer skills:>)
    • Oct 10 2013: Hi Dear Colleen:).Children learnt to use internet to make friends from all over the world fast.They don't wait teachers to teach them how to use internet to make friends.What they needed is:to improve your recognition and critical thinking,Judge what is good,what is bad...I will use internet and computer to design various works which are about friendship:How to make good friends,and how to be others' good friends.Thanks Dear Colleen:)
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        Oct 10 2013: Yes, Edulover, I'm sure children learn to use the internet to make friends all over the world fast!

        What I was suggesting, is to connect your class, with another similar class, and connect each child with a particular friend in the other class, in a school setting in another part of the world, to learn something together, and make friends while doing it.

        For example, the classes could watch a TED video, the class can discuss it, and each student, with his/her "pal" in the other part of the world can discuss it

        You could use your idea to use the internet and computer to design various works about friendship, and share them with kids from both classes.....both parts of the world. It seems like it could be a fun and educational adventure for all of you:>)

        If it is not the kind of idea you are seeking, it is OK:>)
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          Oct 10 2013: There's an online game, called "SuperBetter" that gives lots of tips and hints for ways to increase emotional, physical and other types of resilience. In the emotional, or community resilience categories, it encourages you to connect with others in a positive way. It's made me more conscious of how I interact with others and how my students interact with others. It might be a good venue for students to learn to reach out in ways that are beneficial for them and for other people--either online or in-person.

          To see Jane McGonigal's TED talks:
        • Oct 11 2013: That's really a great idea:).I think it will be the most exciting thing and high motivation for students to design their various works to share with another part of the world teenagers to make friends to each other.I will try to pay more attention to it.Meanwhile I hope if any teacher likes to join in my teaching with your friends,it must be my pleasure to have u to keep our education and learning moving together.Please contact me anytime.Thank you!

          Thank you Dear Colleen:)
    • Oct 13 2013: Hi Dear Colleen,thanks for trying the website I shared here.I applied a popular Podcast website in China.So you saw some others uploaded videos too.I am trying to find a better Podcast which is just for Learning.Thank you.

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