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Do you have any idea and experience for teenagers to make friends in their life?

Ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls:).This semester I am going to have a theme teaching which is about:how to make friends.Infact I did a investigation about this term's teaching.I offered my students three topics to choose which one they like me to share with them in my teaching.90 percent chose'how to make friends '.

I am an Information Technology teacher,I feel pleased to teach my students how to use computer to design different works.Meanwhile I would like my technology teaching can be built upon a meaningful theme to lift my students in higher understanding of life.

I think my ideas and experience are so limited to guide my students.Here I needed you:all guys,come to share with me your ideas and experience which are about 'how to make friends.My students and I will appreciate all come from you.Thank you.

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    Oct 1 2013: When a person becomes his/her own best friend it's much easier to make external friendships! Everything starts with how you relate to yourself.
    • Oct 2 2013: Hi Dear Simona Rich,that's quite right.Once we can start everything to relate ourselves at first,that's fine.how we treat friends as well as treat ourselves alike.That's not so many people can do so.I like to use'exchange position' thinking to deal with things among my friends.I think that's good for me to understand lots of things between my friends and I.

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