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Can we replace chosen memories, to have a richer life experience?

Elizabeth Loftus' TEDtalk on "The fiction of memory" shows how memory is unreliable and can be tinkered with for better or worse life experiences.

While ethical questions remains, I want to debate if it is at all possible to change memories and interpretations of known life events, for a better life experience. And what are the available methods to do that? What are the new possible methods to do that?

I recently saw a BBC documentary on Sex offenders and how the laws seem to indicate that they are nearly incurable, perhaps this research has application there. Or with the victims?

The research showed possibilities in alcoholism and this might apply to other undesirable behaviour.

Another issue if how reversible might this kind of treatment (if it were to evolve) be? How do you prevent it's use by marketers etc who want to influence people en masse.


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  • Sep 30 2013: Life experiences break down into memories and perceptions to these memories. Changing memories seem counterintuitive as what you are doing is essentially changing your perception on a certain aspect of your life. It seems like treating the symptoms without addressing the actual diseases themselves and you might as well call this brainwashing.

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