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Why are so many Americans afraid of Obamacare?

With the U.S government already spending more per-head to subsidize health care and drug companies than nations such as the UK which have a free health service, what is it that makes so many people passionately opposed to health care reform in the States?


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    Sep 30 2013: Tom, I agree with Mike below. It was passed unread ... it was passed without the opposition being present behind closed doors in secret ... after it was passed the very people that passed it voted to exempt themselves from it ... we are now learning all sorts of problems with the way it is written ... it is all about insurance not health care ... the poor who could not afford insurance then still will not be able to afford a real policy ... if you cannot afford it you will be fined. It changed the work week from 40 hours to 30 hours and caused industry to reduce work hours to 25 or suffer great losses, thus reducing the income of the workers ... the program was rammed through and is full of problems that the administration refuses to address. If it goes through 28 of the states have calculated the cost will destroy their budgets ...

    This not truly designed as a instrument to help the people ... it is a political agenda at the cost of the people.

    Please go on line and look at a cheap policy ... 250 per month and only pay 50% of selected procedures and denies all others and only covers 50% of drugs that are on the list and approved.

    If this had been open and honest the problems could have been addresses ... the lack of transparency and the vote of the legislature to exempt themselves from it showed they had no faith in it but it was good enough for the general public just not the elite.

    This combined with all of the other things that have come to light that have occurred behind closed doors have caused the citizen to have great doubts about the administration and its goals. I for one will question everything. We are 16 trillion in debit and growing ... we are printing 85 million a month that only goes to banks and cronies never trickling down to the public ... our debit exceeds the GDP .... the list goes on and on ....

    You use the term "free" ... is it really?

    Regards. Bob.

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