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Why are so many Americans afraid of Obamacare?

With the U.S government already spending more per-head to subsidize health care and drug companies than nations such as the UK which have a free health service, what is it that makes so many people passionately opposed to health care reform in the States?

  • Sep 30 2013: Tom,

    Fear - many do not know what is in the law and assume the worst. Having read it, is it a good law? No. Is it a bad law? no. Like all compromises, it is somewhere in between. There are a ton of misinformation out there for the law and against the law.
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      Sep 30 2013: I think you got to the root of the issue Wayne.
      It is so interesting how everything is interconnected......

      There is a conversation on TED about "why we are upset when we discover we've been lied to"......and a while back there was another one on aspartame, which I don't think anyone was able to really figure out whether or not it was healthy to consume.

      It seems that lying, and misinformation is so prevalent in today's world that people just plain Fear what is behind everything that is being fed to them via the government and the media. Many just sit and do nothing, and hope for the best.

      How terrible is this???
      I wonder how it's all going to turn out.
      • Sep 30 2013: I agree and will watch with great interest. thx for your comment
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    Sep 30 2013: I can't speak of all Americans. My concerns however are multifaceted.
    1. The healthcare law does not provide healthcare, it provides insurance.
    2. It is a law of about 2000 pages which by past experience could generate 20000 pages of regulations
    3. The funding of the implementation of the law was chaotic and opened to a Supreme Court decision which ruled the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution to Federal Taxation on any or all income.
    4. The law was to provide benefits to some citizens. Those benefits have not been clearly defined.and the Federal Administration seems not able to correctly address the various issues.
    5. As it is focused on insurance, it does not address the more succinct problems of healthcare.... the shortage of doctors and other healthcare professionals.
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      Sep 30 2013: #1..............right there is the major problem I think most Americans have.

      They just don't know if this is all a gimmick to take more of their money away.

      Add to that the fact that it is the sick individuals who will buy into it, and the healthy ones might not want to participate, means that there might be a big problem 3 years down the line when there is not money left in the program........or at least that is what I heard on the news yesterday.

      I think overall it is fear of the sure would be great if we just had free healthcare.
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        Sep 30 2013: You have hit the nail on the head Mary M....fear of the unknown, and listening to all the fear based information that is put out there! Anyone who wants to genuinely learn more about it, can do so...if s/he chooses.

        I personally benefited from some of the first health care laws that were passed in Obama's first term, by experiencing a lower premium/higher deductible, which was not available prior to the new laws, and is good for those of us who are relatively healthy, without need of a lot of health care.

        I'm not sure why you think sick individuals will buy into it and healthy ones might not want to participate. Are you aware that the new laws encourage and support healthy incentives by requiring insurance companies to pay for preventive practices?
  • Sep 30 2013: I am curious about whether you have read the law.

    I know, personally, only one person who has read the law. He is a co-worker with above average intelligence and he has said that the law amounts to a huge power grab by the federal government.

    My general experience with law leads me to believe that reading the law would be a waste of my time. The law will be implemented according to the government's interpretation, not mine. Then the courts will apply their interpretation. So my fear is that most essential of fears, the fear of the unknown. Medical care is an extremely personal issue, and there is every reason to believe that the federal government will administer it with the same level of incompetence that it has demonstrated to date.
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      Oct 1 2013: I looked at it, but legalese is not one of my languages. You are correct, it will be gamed by whomever is in charge.
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    Sep 30 2013: Tom,
    I listed 5 issues I had with the new law and many respondents have addressed the lack of understanding has Americans unsure. Maybe that is the real reason. As I mentioned the law is over 2000 pages and typically could generates regulation at a factor of 10
    So, fear of the unknown.
    Who among us really understands the law and can define the resulting regulations and the impacts on citizens. No one, but thousands of lawyers are closely examining the law. Many are employed by insurance companies looking for loopholes to make increased profits.
    2000 pages! The mind boggles at the number of profitable loopholes.
    Now that is not to say it is a total loss. There are some benefits, low cost and free examinations and tests. Some will get some insurance that they could not get before, etc;
    But... 2000 pages and thousands of lawyers.... Money will be made.
    How do I know this.... Simple. No insurance company has had a serious reduction on the stock market.
    Which is the most basic rule of life... follow the money

    You don't follow... Simple... when money is made, someone has paid. So, people will pay directly for their health insurance and there are some who think that premiums will go higher... or the government using taxpayer dollars will provide for those who are financially strapped
    Many think that there should be "free" health care. Nothing man does is free. Every action man takes expends some resource. It has been said the government should provide healthcare as a right of citizenship.. But, the people are the government. the people have already had their representatives establish systems to provide health care in the manner of medicare and medicaid. Those programs are limited in scope and are not really running that well, with fraud, waste and abuse coupled with reduction in income leaves those programs in jeopardy There is little national appetite yo expand healthcare to everyone..
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    Sep 30 2013: I don't think aversion is the same as fear.The reason for the opposition to Barack Hussein's Big Brother program is not complex. Socialism is not the preferred government style of some Americans, approximately 47% of them. The supporters of the POTUS' sneaky manoeuvre constitute another 47%, with the the ignorant/apathetic group coming in at 6%. Socialism sucks.
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    Sep 30 2013: When you look at what happened with the British healthcare system and how it metastasized into their economy contributing to their demise.

    This video is interesting about how the U.S. has the highest healthcare in the world because of crony capitalism.
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    Sep 30 2013: afraid =/= passionately oppose
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    Sep 30 2013: Tom, I agree with Mike below. It was passed unread ... it was passed without the opposition being present behind closed doors in secret ... after it was passed the very people that passed it voted to exempt themselves from it ... we are now learning all sorts of problems with the way it is written ... it is all about insurance not health care ... the poor who could not afford insurance then still will not be able to afford a real policy ... if you cannot afford it you will be fined. It changed the work week from 40 hours to 30 hours and caused industry to reduce work hours to 25 or suffer great losses, thus reducing the income of the workers ... the program was rammed through and is full of problems that the administration refuses to address. If it goes through 28 of the states have calculated the cost will destroy their budgets ...

    This not truly designed as a instrument to help the people ... it is a political agenda at the cost of the people.

    Please go on line and look at a cheap policy ... 250 per month and only pay 50% of selected procedures and denies all others and only covers 50% of drugs that are on the list and approved.

    If this had been open and honest the problems could have been addresses ... the lack of transparency and the vote of the legislature to exempt themselves from it showed they had no faith in it but it was good enough for the general public just not the elite.

    This combined with all of the other things that have come to light that have occurred behind closed doors have caused the citizen to have great doubts about the administration and its goals. I for one will question everything. We are 16 trillion in debit and growing ... we are printing 85 million a month that only goes to banks and cronies never trickling down to the public ... our debit exceeds the GDP .... the list goes on and on ....

    You use the term "free" ... is it really?

    Regards. Bob.
  • Sep 30 2013: Programming......

    Our Diseases and Deaths are managed on a Profit model.....

    ........that's delishly primitive for a so called advanced culture.