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Is democracy is the last hope for the peace in the world? What is the ideal form of government?

Is the democracy the last hope?when ever there is any anarchy or de-stablisation in any country United Nations,Security council and some country of G8 calls for democracy and free-fair election.BUT there are some democratic countries in which the basic rights are not given to the citizen any democracy fails there like Pakistan and some other countries,Specially in third world countries.There are some countries in which dictatorship is running in a full swing and enjoying their basic rights,Like in past Turkey Mustafa Kamal Pasha leads turkey to the edge of progress and development Like in Cuba Fedel Castro Like in North-Korea.SO what more needs to be done to remove the demerits of democracy and WHAT steps should be taken to improve and flourish it in 3RD world countries OR we have to think for any other form of government


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  • Sep 30 2013: What is the ideal form of government?

    The answer depends on human nature, which is a big mystery at this point in human development.

    Eventually, probably centuries from now, the study of the human species might advance to the point when we can raise our children to behave properly and there will be no need of laws governing our behavior.

    For certain, democracy is not the ideal form of government. Its flaws are many and severe. However, representative government is the best form of government yet invented. The Chinese government provides for advancement based on merit, a feature that might improve representative government.

    I believe that we could accelerate the development of new forms of government, by trial and error. Allow some small cities to try out new forms of government. The popular governments will result in cities that grow, and the other ones will change or disappear. If a small city votes to try out the Chinese method, there must still be a legal way for the citizens to change the government, but it should also be able to establish its own bill of rights. I am not suggesting that all cities should be able to do this. These cities would clearly be exceptional experiments.

    In the USA many people no longer consider our government as an experiment. Instead, many people idolize democracy. That is a huge mistake. That attitude is completely unrealistic and impedes progress.
    • Oct 4 2013: Thanks very much. Sir appreciate your answer and your dedication

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