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What does the 50 something generation do now that the industrial revolution is fading?

The industrial revolution is on a fast decline and the 50 something generation is caught squarely in the middle of it. When I left school in the early seventies factories were already on a decline or shutting down and we are now well into the communication age of social media. What do we do if we are to leave our mark on the world as a generation? How do we adapt to a fast changing landscape with few rules and many questions?


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    Oct 1 2013: Craig and Robert, I believe you are both right. We have part of the problem and should be part of the solution, we took when the going was good and we should be willing to be part of the solution when the results have been in part what we have created. I am 58 and fortunate that I have a good job that I like, but I feel the need to change my course and be willing to get stuck in. We have a generation taking our place who need the benefit of the lessons we have learned. The latest shut down of the US Government is proof however that we have not leaned enough.

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