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What does the 50 something generation do now that the industrial revolution is fading?

The industrial revolution is on a fast decline and the 50 something generation is caught squarely in the middle of it. When I left school in the early seventies factories were already on a decline or shutting down and we are now well into the communication age of social media. What do we do if we are to leave our mark on the world as a generation? How do we adapt to a fast changing landscape with few rules and many questions?


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    Oct 1 2013: Hi Wayne

    That's not an easy question to answer as it will be different for all of us. In the past though we have been engineers and textile managers Shop owners and Policemen. We have been integral parts of our culture. I suppose this was our time. I see the issue in the speed in which the industrial era disappeared and has left behind so many people wondering how they fit into a society that is predominantly Technically driven with a media and social net work platform. And as we sat on the cusp of this transformation I believe that it has hit this generation the hardest.
    • Oct 1 2013: I think I understand - you are asking is there a way that those that seem to be left behind to become working integral parts of the society they are in. Does that come close to what you are asking?

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