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What did you do to find your dream and passion in life?

Currently I realized that I have no dream or passion in my life. Maybe that's why I felt lost, like I have no where to go, no destination at all.

When I was younger, I had passions and dreams. Like fashion, architecture, interior design, crafting, biology and so much more. I also dreamed to be a fashion designer, architecture, doctor and like lots other kids, be an astronaut.

But now, when I think of those (my old passions and dreams), its no longer give me the excitement feeling.

Maybe you guys can help me and maybe other people who still on their way to find their own dream and passion in their life.

Thanks :)

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    Oct 1 2013: the passion is the best dream we can live in happiness with it in our lives,find it for you can find the satisfaction in your life.

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