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What is instinct?

What is instinct, how would you define it in humans and animals. What is that quirky urge, what is that little voice inside you, how can "gut feelings" telling you and should you listen to them.


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    Sep 30 2013: I dont think we really know what instinct is. There is alot we do not know about ourselves and the world around us. First off, instinct is different then simple gut feelings, or urges we get. Which we also cant describe. Instincts lie in all animals (including humans) Animals have instincts for different reasons. Animals have instincts allowing them to navigate and guide to food, and mating areas, instincts granting them special skills to hunt, hide, eat, and build. So I would say that well clearly instinct is something very important that is passed down in an evolutionary manner. That would also mean that instincts can and do change. While different species may have varying degrees of change in said instincts. In animals such as ourselves, homo sapiens, what are our instincts like? We certainly dont need to hunt for prey, our navigate our way to survive changing seasons as many birds. Right now we may be in somewhat of a transition time in what our insticts really are. In some point in the future could typing on a keyboard be more of an instinct then a fluid running motion? Who knows!? But it is a cool thought. In all thought I think instinct is something that is wired into the brain. And being we know virtually nothing about our brain I dont think we can really hope to fully understand instinct just yet.

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