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What is the new politic system that the world needs? (Combination of old, Comunism vs Democracy, best of both worlds)

I am wondering when they will try to combine positives of all political systems and isms... positive of socialism - to help each other, to not leave person behind to die or not develop, democracy - meritocracy to get more if you work more... , anarchism - to have right to say your conserns and to vote for them .. etc.... So to learn from history and get the best of all systems trough now... And not multiple groups fighting but everybody to try to develop for better the countries... trough consensus not leaders and praties, but everybody;) We know the negatives even trough we continue with old systems why we don't try to escape from them: So what are we doing!?! About... Maybe this new system will be called Solidarism or Balanceism... So people are not equal in knowlage and sellary but they help each other have right to to control what is happening in their live in their country, and be equal to vote for things they care. Please share oppinions what is best for our future, separation or unity against real problems? And how to unite different people, ideas, social and economical income. And what do you thing about Solidarity was a broad anti-bureaucratic social movement, using the methods of civil resistance to advance the causes of workers' rights and social change but if it is build horizontally without leaders but federative working on local problems with everybody from the community.. Please share!

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    Oct 2 2013: No government should be the ultimate aim in time when human understanding develops and reason trumps beliefs and bias. I strongly believe that Anarcho- Capitalism will eventually be the global state of affairs. Science, technology and trade are rapidly changing the world and it will continue to do so in ways unimaginable but we got to let it happen itself naturally.
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    Oct 8 2013: . .

    If we quit invalid (harmful) happiness,
    the political system will not be a big problem.
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    Oct 2 2013: This is how I see it for now:
    In course of reaching the "Utopia" for direct democracy, we need to pass trough diffrent forms of more and more participation of the people in the decisions and politics.

    So one hybrid way may be small assemblies for local problems, another more global way can be e-democracy trough internet voting not for people and parties/programs but for decisions. Somehow if more people thing for the problems and not give permision others to thing for them as decision makers not representetives (because now politics take decisions, they don't represent peoples vote so they cannot be called true representetives of people), we will solve more problems. This is by making pople active, from passive to take chage for their lifes and the life of others around them. This means that people need to get better education and try to be more responsible. This means - Active Civil Resistance and people who want to go to politics, making skin of the nation thin, and when there is a problem people to unite and solve it... So they are a lot of solidarity movements... maybe this is what the world needs, pure international solidarity, not politics, not religion.. Something horizontal to unite people without benefits without leaders and with help of technology.

    Why people are scared if the machine replaces human for labor... This means that human can do others stuff that he/she like like art, music, poetry invention etc, money in this tribe like utopean assembly world will be unnececary and people will decide where to give recourses and where no with aiming full consensus or majority, not like now the minority with money decides.....
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    Oct 2 2013: The real world does not need any system from us, yaa but the world made by us, need it. Our world needs a kind of political system where no country is afraid of any other. Power and Money must not be basis of any politics, they destroys the spirit of genuine politics...
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    Oct 2 2013: My investigation suggests that there is a deep problem concerning agency.

    Much of what becomes an issue, in this time, seems to devolve around a schism between what is and what we want.

    Take for instance the rise of conspiracy theory.

    Those who become addicted to the conspiracy line of reasoning assume that someone caused it, but, when you do the deep research, it looks more like it was going to happen anyway.

    Yes, there are conspirators, but no, they are not doing any more than the obvious choices in the frame of perception presented to them.

    All of our speculation about a better political economy seems to be simply a part of the culmination of our previous experimentation.

    We, as perception-based entities, are unable to escape the need for categorisation. We generally fail to appreciate how our perceptional frames drift in accordance with the reality we are faced with.

    In conclusion I can say:

    Whatever happens is probably inevitable - it will have no specific agent, but we will claim it did anyway.

    Therefore - the new political economics will make itself known when it is appropriate for it to do so.

    What does that mean for us?

    It means no more than keeping our eyes open for it to emerge.

    Play your role, and accept the outcomes.

    Avoid hubris - it will go better for you if you can.

    For me, the next wave of political economy will include an acceptance of our own limitations - it will be tribal.
    The numbers suggest that it will become a network of tribal cells containing no more than 150 adults.

    Just how these tribal cells are organised is yet to be seen in demonstration. There will probably be a need for tribal specialisation, but it will be far less than the specialisation we currently see - because cellular autonomy will come to the fore as an adaptive requirement.

    The key issues will revolve around how tribal cells respond to stressors on neighbouring tribal cells.

    Money will mean nothing within a tribe, but will function between tribes.
  • Oct 1 2013: I do not think anyone knows. I will say that the foundation of the government will need to change. What I feel is lacking in all governments today is responsibility - they know they are the ones that created the good, the bad and the ugly. I also blame the electorate for being self centered and only considering their point of view.

    How do we get responsible people in the government and how do we make the electorate act more responsible - your guess is as good as mine.
  • Sep 30 2013: I do not know. More importantly, I think no one does know. I think we need a process to find a new, better form of government.

    I believe that we could accelerate the development of new forms of government, by trial and error. Allow some small cities to try out new forms of government. The popular governments will result in cities that grow, and the other ones will change or disappear. If a small city votes to try out the Chinese method, there must still be a legal way for the citizens to change the government, but it should also be able to establish its own bill of rights. I am not suggesting that all cities should be able to do this. These cities would clearly be exceptional experiments.
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    Sep 28 2013: We are making social center in our country which is trying to balance the system so now we are Democratic country, and to much Capitalistic - so our centre is returning back the balance with giving social activities, courses, internet, clothes, books everything for free this means we are goind left like comuism - comunes. If our system was to much communistic we would try to push the individualism and go democratic.. so best is to get positives of both wolrsd... so this is the biggest problem for me that when we go to some - ism not all people are happy, and a real goverment should cover the majority if not all people to be happy not the minority, and should listen the voice of people, not folow the rules but change them if they are wrong. So it needs a system that works for all, ok not to be equal but to have equal. rights and rules...