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Do every day little things to make a better world.

Can we change the world, makes it better, with tiny things?

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    Oct 1 2013: Being non-judgmental and compassionate goes a long way. It's true, we should change ourselves first for the world to change.
  • Oct 10 2013: Yes they do. But why? This depends on the person observing these "little things". Consider that a person who is more aware of the world around him/her and spends less time judging it will of course enjoy it more. They will see more things and in more detail. Life becomes more joyful when a person lives this way.
  • Oct 3 2013: Yes indeed! It keeps me hopeful about the world, about man(un)kind! I recycle plastics into art... just to find creative solutions to our pollution issues... I got further than many but not as far as the world could need me to be... but I keep at it passionately (http://plasticmama.blogspot.ca/p/99-pure-garbage-mes-belles-poubelles.html).
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    Oct 1 2013: Don't know why we people are so fevered to change this world! What was wrong with it before? The very first man, who thought to change this, started to deform it. :( World is ok without human intervention, and let it be in its natural state for god sake! The only bad thing i can see in world is 'Human wants to change it'. We are trying to make it better for last thousands of year and we have malformed it. Neither we are the creater of this world, nor we are such a good artist.. why are we worried. Infact, we are the part of this world, we are the world... we have been made... what is better in one's eye is not for others and the quarrel begins, we devide and make borders to make our different world from each other...

    Everyone lives in his/her own world Jaime, the world inside everyone. A plant is already in its better place, but we deplume it to decorate our house, our garden (our world). Flower looks beautiful on twigs, as they are alive there, but we pluck them up to decorate our temples, our festivals.

    Doing anything litter or bigger will not furnish or decorate This World Jaime, but yaa the inner world of the doer will get satisfy... Why We think of changing this world to make it better bcoz we think we are other then this world, we isolate ourselves from this. understanding of this will be a good change in the world, i think Jaime. Without less intervention in the natural world, changing ourselves is the right way... (as Simona said).
  • Oct 1 2013: give a little love and make it contagious
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    Sep 30 2013: Define 'tiny'. What one considers small can be significant on many levels. (For better or worse)