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How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?

I'm from Peru. A developing country. We are having a good perfomance in our economy, but we have to face a non resolved problem. One to 3 peruvians live on poverty conditions (see the link for wikipedia information bit.ly/17qs4Rw) .
How we can face this problem?


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    Oct 27 2013: By the nature of networking and the use of protocols that facilitate the survival of the human species, it seems more than possible to overcome world poverty quickly and in good spirits. All that is required is a reasonable state of mind and a change of heart. If the population of a nation were to truly vote, with voice and purse, demand would be supplied.

    Think of it. An entire nation voting, in transparency and equality. And those without a voice, those without the faculty or ability to voice themselves being connected through compassion and participation.

    The various social, enterprise, and power networks allow for the adherence to protocols that have the capacity to connect the masses of people that require employment and connectivity to the network.

    Networking seems to be the next paradigm in civilized evolution. The politics of heredity is becoming the politics of humanity.

    Take Google, for instance, as a network, they could employ the entire population below the poverty level in the US, simply to become connected and consume and create content/product. Google could acquire all the requisite assets and facilitate the expense of their employee through the life of their employment. If the utility of survival becomes an expense of the employer, people become the asset, the product, and the consumer in a virtuous cycle.

    Networks could become sovereign as a congress of people, having a network constitution. Thereby, each bit/person in the network would be subject to the same protocols and maintained by the totality of networked resources.

    It's a breve new world. Fear, not. Take heart.

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