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How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?

I'm from Peru. A developing country. We are having a good perfomance in our economy, but we have to face a non resolved problem. One to 3 peruvians live on poverty conditions (see the link for wikipedia information bit.ly/17qs4Rw) .
How we can face this problem?


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  • Oct 27 2013: The issues in Peru are not isolated. Countries all around the world have huge discrepancies between those who have access to the resources needed to be successful, and those who are struggling to keep up with a developing country. The first step to a prosperous country is a healthy society, and that would require better quality health care for Peruvians. However, this is a difficult goal to achieve because, according to the article “The Kids Left Behind by the Boom”, kids begin working in mines and factories by the age of 5, leading to an unhealthy youth population that doesn’t have access to basic medical support. Because of the declining health of these children, education is never a priority for them, and along the same lines, there aren’t many opportunities for them to gain education. I think the other way to reduce the poverty is to educate all people in these developing countries so that they can take on more prestigious jobs and start supporting themselves. If the government helped to create schools and train teachers to go out and seek those uneducated children who are thirsty for knowledge, that the course of the country could be completely reversed, and Peru could start to narrow the distance between the haves and the have-nots.

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