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How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?

I'm from Peru. A developing country. We are having a good perfomance in our economy, but we have to face a non resolved problem. One to 3 peruvians live on poverty conditions (see the link for wikipedia information bit.ly/17qs4Rw) .
How we can face this problem?


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  • Oct 25 2013: The article The Kids Left Behind By The Boom by Marie Arana was very tragic. It shows

    that Lima, the capitol of Peru, economically rising. Its cuisines are of world class, and profiting

    from the country natural resources such as gold, silver, copper, fish, and more…. While Lima is

    receiving all of this wealth, the rest of Peru are poverty stricken. A lot of the children are

    malnourish, and everyone is expose to harmful chemical. It’s just unfair for the rest of the

    Peruvian people because the inequalities of not receiving any benefit at all.

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