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How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?

I'm from Peru. A developing country. We are having a good perfomance in our economy, but we have to face a non resolved problem. One to 3 peruvians live on poverty conditions (see the link for wikipedia information bit.ly/17qs4Rw) .
How we can face this problem?


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  • Oct 21 2013: I think it is imperative that a developing country instill hard work and self-reliance above all else. The quicker a populace turns to the government for help, the sooner the resources of the nation become endangered. The rule of law should be strictly taught and adhered to; this ensures that honest people not fear the ones tasked with their safety. Education is very important, but the work ethic being taught behind the education will determine each individual's quality of education. You cannot throw money at the problem and you can't make someone learn. They have to bring their own motivations to the table. Most importantly, NEVER substitute a government solution for a private-market solution. Inevitably, the drive for fairness will drive the standard of living downwards, and upward mobility gets drowned at the expense of being 'fair'. Inequity is natural.

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