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How we can reduce poverty and inequality in developing countries?

I'm from Peru. A developing country. We are having a good perfomance in our economy, but we have to face a non resolved problem. One to 3 peruvians live on poverty conditions (see the link for wikipedia information bit.ly/17qs4Rw) .
How we can face this problem?


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    Oct 6 2013: well, the problem of poverty in developing countries is a broad subject. particularly in the case of my country (ghana) the education system is a total scrap. my reason being that, all what most education system in developing countries breeds are employees. the system shapes us to become employees rather than employers
    again, in many developed countries, 3 sectors of the economy work perfectly and that is the primary being agriculture, secondary being the manufacturing which is very critical and the third being service or consumption. in the case of many developing countries, there is nothing like manufacturing or the econd sector therefore the government and citizens alike depends much more on import. without the manufacturing sector also. there will always exist unemployment.

    as i have identified some which in my opinion thinks is the problem. hope most youth like myself from such developing countries can change our mind and do something good when we see or have the oputunity. i stand for correction.
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      Oct 6 2013: Dear Toffick,

      I can't tell you how happy it makes me to read your words. You maybe young but you do have what it takes to accomplish what you set out to do: wisdom.

      Wisdom to me means having three things: knowledge, resourcefulness and compassion. In order to bring your wisdom to the people, you need humility (which appears as a type of shyness - so your friends are right:). And you have that too. You are golden.

      I am sure you can find your own way to making a real difference for betterment of human lives. I am always learning myself. And figuring out is a perpetual flow. But I know there are two steps, first getting to know our real selves (who am I?) and second figuring out how to bring our help to reach the people (how can I help?).

      TED is a wonderful world of inspiration and I know you will listen carefully to the Talks and study the ways others have succeeded in being effective in their life.


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