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Health Scanner - That suggests what you eat

People indulge in various activities daily - physical & mental. If there's a machine or scanner that scans you as you enter you home and identifies what all minerals are low in you body and suggest you what needs to be eaten that day. Wouldn't that be fantastic.

The machine also measures you daily activity and prepares a shopping list of items that are required to cook the items , saving you time and money as well as improving you health.

What's your take on this idea?

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    Oct 7 2013: In my perception, we have a built in "scanner" in the body, including the brain. We can listen to the body to determine what to put into the body to support the best possible functioning. We can read labels to determine what is in food products and whether or not we want to put them in the body. Logically, is it more beneficial to put foods in our body that have lots of additives, fats and sugar? Or is it more healthy to put natural foods in our body? We have our natural "scanner" with us all the time. I use you?
    • Oct 7 2013: You are so true. God has given us all the capabilities to do many things but we sometimes become so busy that we forget about it. Sometimes people forget about what they are eating and not. Through this equipment we support those who don't listen to their brain.
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        Oct 7 2013: I agree Akhilesh, that some folks think they are too busy to pay attention to healthy eating....healthy living. We have diets, exercise machines, the great outdoors to walk in regularly, and all kinds of research which indicates that our body is more healthy with fresh, natural foods.

        If some folks do not pay attention to all the possible remedies by now, what makes you think they will use a health scanner in their home? I've actually heard people say..."that tread mill, which has been sitting in the corner of my home for several years didn't help".........I think they forgot about USING it......or were too busy!

        Even though your idea may be GREAT, I'm wondering if it might have the same results as all the other programs and information? If people genuinely want to be healthy, they take the steps to create the result they wish to experience.

        Is it beneficial to create more technology for those who don't listen to their brain? Or can we be encouraging people to listen to their brain? Maybe both.
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    Oct 6 2013: This doesn't sound unrealistic to me. I like the idea.
  • Oct 14 2013: pain or pains are body indicator and abnormal body functions are also the indicator.
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    Oct 7 2013: Prob not a scan. A finger prick blood test is more realistic. Like diabetics do with blood sugars daily, but with more results in, e.g. minerals etc.

    The flip side is, you can easily become too focused on diet and create problems for yourself that way. Remember, diet is just one aspect of your overall health, and probably not as important as people make it out to be.

    If you look at the diet of most 90 year olds, they aren't as fussed about their mineral intakes etc. as you would think. They just eat a balanced diet most of the time, and your body will normally take what it needs.
  • Oct 3 2013: I like the idea of an informed system helping me track my health. It would help bring the long-term goal of being healthy into a short-term perspective by tracking day-by-day levels. I imagine choosing the diet and activities would be quite iterative as one explores the various perspectives out there.
  • Oct 1 2013: At a first read it seems such a fantasy idea but I think the concept is not so unrealistic.
    Was a lot of years ago the concept of prevention so radicated in people? no, but today we can prevent lot of diseases with medical exams.
    Maybe in the future we will be able to have something that will help us in the good nutrition, that is synonym of good life, by a sort of self check-up instrument...anyway I hope so...
    • Oct 1 2013: Good health can prevent many things. Instead of having diagnosis on a monthly or yearly basis. May be this instrument may help you identify problems as and when it happens.
  • Sep 30 2013: That sounds like it would require a few blood samples a day, a lab technician to process them, and a computer that knows what food is available in your local area alongside how many calories you've burned, and that you'd be willing to listen to (I don't know about you, but I don't like being told what to do by a piece of software).

    This isn't Star Trek. The scanners required don't exist.
    • Oct 1 2013: this isn't star trek..but these things may become reality you never know when. I only put this point to drive out you opinions and benefits of such things coming into existence.